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The Perilous Point by A.J. Hall

The Perilous Point book cover and link to e-book web site

The year is 2003, and there's a storm brewing in the Wizarding world. Hermione Granger has announced her engagement to a Muggle. Worse still: he's a vicar. And the wedding is going to take place on 21st June in his parish church in the village of Malfoy Intrinsica, Wiltshire. And the Lord of the Manor is most definitely going to be present. But then, none of Hermione's oldest friends is  planning to miss the opportunity either...

And, unbeknownst to everyone, a theatre company plans to put on an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream for the benefit of their corporate sponsors. Oh, and to try a little light incantation up by the Seven Sisters while they're at it.

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Ships that Pass by A.J. Hall

Ships that Pass book cover and link to e-book web site

Shortly before the defeat of Voldemort in year seven, in a field hospital 'Somewhere In England' Draco Malfoy is reunited with an old friend. The meeting will determine whether Draco falls to the Dark or the Light. The decision will be made before the turn of the tide, and there will be no going back for either of them.

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The Kindly Ones by A.J. Hall

The Kindly Ones book cover and link to e-book web site

Time has moved on. "Recent Events" are mutating into ancient history. Following a dangerous illness, Draco takes Neville on a convalescing cruise of the Ionian islands of Greece. But in that neighbourhood Voldemort has stirred up archaic and terrifying powers  too powerful to be subdued by his fall; and Neville, too, has ghosts from his past to confront. Across a brilliantly sun-lit landscape a shadow falls...

This story, written for the festival of St Valentine, is intended as a reminder that the saint commemorated on 14th February was not originally St Valentine the Fluffy of Hallmark, but a martyr beheaded for being in the wrong place, proclaiming the wrong message, at the wrong time...

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Dissipation and Despair by A.J. Hall

Dissipation and Despair book cover and link to e-book web site

After offending his Bishop, the Rev. Peter Blakeney had feared he would be stuck for the rest of his career in rough inner city curacies. Even though his letter of appointment bore an anonymous scrawl "Best of British luck", the surprise offer of the incumbency of St Sebastian's Church, Malfoy Intrinsica, Wiltshire seemed like the promise of a rural idyll. And though the foot and mouth epidemic was in full swing, there were sinister carvings behind the choir stalls and all the locals changed the subject immediately if he even mentioned the Manor up the hill (let alone its reclusive Lord) he felt he was settling in well.

Until one night there came a tap at his study window, and he found himself caught between two worlds, and about to find out exactly why St Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, enemies of religion, gardeners, murrains of cattle, plagues and police. It is a cosy English village whodunnit in the classic tradition, give or take an Unforgivable curse or so.
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Not A Whisper by A.J. Hall

Not A Whisper  book cover and link to e-book web site

Not A Whisper,  is set in May 1998, during the War against Voldemort, in a converted hotel Somewhere in Northumberland. It therefore predates, and prequels, Lust Over Pendle. In the aftermath of a near-disastrous mission against Voldemort, Draco takes stock of what really matters to him. And reaches a decision that things have been unresolved for far too long, and Something needs to be done about them. Love in time of War.
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Queer as Scent by A.J. Hall

Queer As Scent book cover and link to e-book web site

Early married life traditionally has its fair share of surprises, and everyone - from the house elves to the Dark Lord - seems to have an opinion about what would be best for the as-yet-unborn heir to the Manor - irrespective of his mother's wishes in the matter.

But nausea, an infestation of demons, the dinner party from Hell and even the intervention of the Uppercross and Cerne Vale Hunt aren't going to get between Narcissa Malfoy and what she wants out of life. And she's just about to meet someone with an even stronger survival instinct - A shaggy fox story for Christmas.
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The Mark of the Beast - A.J. Hall

The Mark of the Beast book cover and link to e-book web site

In 1982, a few months after the Ministry "took advantage of a fortuitous accident to crow about victory" a young man who has carried for much of his life the burden of a dark secret drops into the Leaky Cauldron for a couple of beers.  But the beautiful, unknown young woman he meets there may have secrets darker than his to hide, and the choice he will be faced with before long will be the hardest of his life.

This story is set in the world created by, and using characters the copyright of, JK Rowling.  No money is being made nor infringement of rights intended by this story.  The quotation at the end is from Raymond Chandler.  It is rated R for violence and some sexual content.
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Time Shall Not Mend by A.J. Hall

Time Shall Not Mend book cover and link to e-book web site

A thousand years away and half across the galaxy a bereaved young woman stalks through a cocktail party thinking: "Anywhere but here".  Meanwhile, back on Earth and in the dying days of the struggle against Voldemort a plague has been unleashed on the wizarding community.  A potion to cure it exists - but a crucial ingredient is a plant which grows only on a remote mountain in Scotland.  And that mountain has an almost impenetrable defence around it.  Worlds are about to collide.

Time Shall Not Mend is a cross-over between the Harry Potterverse and the Vorkosigan novels of Lois McMaster Bujold.  No profit is being made, and no infringement of rights intended, by this work. 

This work was conceived as a birthday tribute to E.H. Smith, whose trilogy Marks and Scars, Without Enchantment, and No Great Magic first crossed the Vorkosiverse with the Potterverse, to stunning effect.
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Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall

Lust Over Pendle book cover and link to e-book web site

Lust Over Pendle is a comedy of manners set in the Golden Age detective thriller genre, and is presumed to take place after the end of the seventh Harry Potter book, and, therefore, after the fall of Voldemort.

Readers are advised that this book contains spoilers for all the Harry Potter novels. Quidditch Through The Ages and Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them.
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